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Printable Baby Shower Games

Fun never looked so good!

Match your baby shower theme and decorations with over 100 baby shower game choices - and personalize for that unique custom feel! Favorites like Baby Bingo + icebreakers will have everyone smiling. But if new and out-of-the-box is your genre, look for new Funsational original games not found anywhere else!


Printable Nursery Rhyme Scrambles



Nursery Rhyme Scrambles, Did Jack and Jill go up the hill and did Little Bo Peep find her sheep? Find out who can recall nursery rhymes in this word game as guests race to unscramble the titles in this popular Baby Shower Game. Answer key included.

Printable Baby Shower Gift Bingo - Blue Stripes


$7.99   $6.99

Keep your guests entertained, even when the parents-to-be are opening gifts! Customize the bingo cards with the mom-to-be's gift registry, or use pre-filled... More 

Printable Celebrity Moms & Dads



This game will have your guests trying to figure out Who's Who of all the celebrities, and their babies too! Find out who watches Entertainment Tonight -... More 

Printable And Mommy Wore (Pink)



Mom-to-be is the center of attention today...but how well were your guests paying attention to her? Find out when Mom leaves the room and you surprise your... More 

Printable Finish That Baby Quote - Blue Train & Plane



He said What?! She said That?! Can you remember these famous baby quotes from famous people? Test your memory, and see who can boast the most famous quotes!... More 

Printable Animal Babies Match - Blue Elephant



All animals have babies, but how many of us know the 'proper' name for the animal baby? Guests race to finish first as they match each animal name with it's... More 

Printable Baby Jeopardy - Pink Stroller Umbrella


$6.99   $5.00

Pit the guys against the girls in a game that tests brain power! Baby Jeopardy is the perfect team game, combining skills in all areas of baby knowledge.... More 

Printable Baby's Beautiful Reflection - Green



Is Baby going to be a "chip off the old block," or a "beautiful reflection" of Mom? Let the laughter roar as guests try to decide which skill or trait Mom... More 

Printable What's In Grandma's Cookie Jar?



Whether they're store-bought or homemade, Grandma always has cookies ready for her 'little angels' to come visit! Engage your guests with this delightful... More 

Printable Everything Baby From A to Z



Think you're hip to everything there is for Baby? Play this game and find out! Guests race against each other to be the first to name something baby related... More 

Printable Who's Thinking Pink



All for the love of pink! Guests will be tickled pink as they race to match the pink thing to the clue! Answer key included. Printable game + answer... More 

Printable Noah's Ark



Perfect for a Twins Shower! Noah took two of everything, but can you name 2 animals for every letter of the alphabet? Test your animal knowledge as you... More