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Printable Baby Shower Games

Fun never looked so good!

Match your baby shower theme and decorations with over 100 baby shower game choices - and personalize for that unique custom feel! Favorites like Baby Bingo + icebreakers will have everyone smiling. But if new and out-of-the-box is your genre, look for new Funsational original games not found anywhere else!


Printable Right Left Baby Game



This crazy gift passing game will have everyone scrambling as they listen for you to say right or left while you read about the day Mom went into labor... More 

Printable Baby Outburst


$6.99   $5.00

WARNING!! Noise Level: LOUD Fun Level: HIGH Speak up and spit it out! Bring the fun to a new level when guests compete against the clock to shout out... More 

Printable Things In Mommy's Purse



Do you know who brought the biggest purse? She could be the big winner! Use this fun checklist to see who has the most - and the most unusual - items in her... More 

Printable Name That Nursery Rhyme



Can you remember the name of a Nursery Rhyme if you were given the plot? How about the one with a swift boy who leaps over flames? Have fun guessing and get... More 

Printable Family Ties



Birds of a feather flock together...but what do you call the family? Humans keep their family together in a clan, ants in a colony - but can you match other... More 

Printable Finish Mommy's Phrase Finish Daddy's Phrase



Guests compete to find out who is the best mind-reader as they try to finish Mommy's phrase! Lots of laughs as guests try to figure out how mommy answered... More 

Printable Baby Shower Mad Lib Fun


$6.99   $5.00

It can get a little crazy when you turn Mom-to-be's Baby Shower day into a Mad Lib story! Teams create their own unique Mad Lib ...then everyone gets to... More 

Printable Baby Shower Guest Bingo


$7.99   $6.99

How do you break the ice when you have over 30 guests? With Guest Bingo! Guests will be persuaded to mingle when they try to find someone who fits the... More 

Printable What's Your Song Baby?



Get all ages mingling with a team game! Players race to match up the artist to their famous song that has the word 'Baby' in the title. It's a diverse group... More 

Printable Baby Shower Gift Bingo - Blue Stripes


$7.99   $6.99

Keep your guests entertained, even when the parents-to-be are opening gifts! Customize the bingo cards with the mom-to-be's gift registry, or use pre-filled... More 

Printable Baby Scattergories - Pink Sailboat



If you've played Scattergories before, you know it's time to get crazy because being original is better than being right! Your goal is to answer questions... More 

Printable Celebrity Moms & Dads



This game will have your guests trying to figure out Who's Who of all the celebrities, and their babies too! Find out who watches Entertainment Tonight -... More