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Our Designers

Funsational is proud to offer designs by delightful artists and design savvy illustrators that have made Funsational a place where they have a bit of fun! Read on to find out more about your favorite designers, their design style, experience, and some other random bits, too.

designer Kait Copenspire, bridal shower games 

Meet Kait Copenspire

Kait Copenspire is a very silly person. She likes to dance, sing, and make people laugh. Most of all, she loves to draw, and after 20 years of practice, she is pretty dang good at it. Kait runs Kait! Cartoons and is passionate about illustration, fashion modeling, and photography. Sometimes, she also wishes she was in a band.

You can follow her on twitterpinterest, and tumblr to keep up with all of her creative endevours.



designer Lindsay McCart, bridal shower game designer, baby shower game designer 

Meet Lindsay McCart

Lindsay McCart is an imagination seeker! She creates images and designs inspired by the random thoughts and ideas that pop up in her noggin. With a combination of both traditional and digital styles to stay versatile in any project, her art keeps an edge of reality with a whole lot of chimera and fabrication.