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  • SEPT 2, 2013

    "Our party is in October. I’m sure the games are going to add spice to my pirate theme!"

    Beth H., Bakersfield, CA

  • AUG 31, 2013

    "The baby game was awesome. I had to force people to play, but turned out great."

    Diane M., Rogers, AR

  • AUG 30, 2013

    "I can say that have been a customer for 6 yrs now. I LOVE this place. You guys keep up the excellent work. All the guest are very intrigued by the games. As long as I continue to host showers I will be a customer!"

    Caryn D., Eastpointe, MI

  • AUG 29, 2013

    "The games were a BIG hit."

    Rose S., West Chester, PA

  • AUG 26, 2013

    "I am so pleased with your games and have picked out 4 to play."

    Jo J., Apache Junction, AZ

  • AUG 24, 2013

    "The games were pretty fun J 75 games for $20 is a great deal. We’ll use them again for a couple of my employees’ bridal showers. Keep up the good work!"

    Michelle P., Manhattan Beach, CA

  • AUG 23, 2013

    "While I was going through picking the games I wanted, I loved the variety (I’ve hosted lots of baby showers and have never seen some of these games). I also love the value for all of the games and the ability to print out what you need – I will definitely be back to the site if I need game ideas for other parties!!!"

    Shyla C., Wasilla, AK

  • AUG 22, 2013

    "The event I hosted was a Bridal Shower and it was excellent if I do say so myself! The games/materials that I used, all of which were from were very much appreciated and I got compliments from many of the guests and most importantly the bride."

    Shanna P., St. Augustine

  • AUG 21, 2013

    "I used the bridal shower gift bingo. I personalized it, and guests filled it out while my niece opened her gifts. Everyone enjoyed playing the game. You have a GREAT collection of games! I will definitely use some at my next event!"

    Gail, San Francisco, CA

  • AUG 20, 2013

    "Our baby shower went so well. Several ladies commented on how much fun the games added to the day. I chose the 'hard' answers for playing 'Bible Babies' and 'Baby Unscramble' and they luved the challenge! I look forward to the next shower and choosing a couple of new games out of all the choices that are available! I gave the answer sheet to the new mommy to put in baby's book."

    Eunice G., Trussville, AL

  • AUG 14, 2013

    "These games were wonderful at my family reunion. Everyone enjoyed them!. It was something new, different and the family really enjoyed both games!"

    LaChelle G., Greensboro, NC

  • AUG 14, 2013

    "My daughter and I love them! We cant wait for the bride to enjoy them along with her shower. Your company is a great idea! Thanks for making it so easy to get games, etc."

    Elizabeth T., Jacksonville, FL

  • AUG 11, 2013

    "The games were great, I will continue to subscribe. I will have an opportunity to use it a few times within the year."

    Tonya L., Washington, DC

  • JUN 17, 2013

    "The games I ordered from your website were perfect! They were original and my guests enjoyed playing both the games! My daughter, the mommy-to-be, was very happy with my choices! I chose the easy version of the Nursery Rhyme game and it was perfect for our guests. The "Mommy Read To Me" game was very fun and and quite original! I am so thankful that I found your website and that our baby shower was such a fun event for our sweet daughter!"

    Peggie P., Louisville, KY

    time to read mommy

  • JUN 5, 2013

    "It went great. Everyone liked the games. Thanks for the follow up. Clever & easy to print. Very helpful. A lifesaver!!"

    Shellie F., San Martin, CA

    who knows the bride who knows the groom

  • MAY 28, 2013

    "The games were a huge hit and all the ladies enjoyed them. It was exciting to watch the irritation of obligation turn into joyful laughter as the games were played. Thank you for offering a wide variety of personalized games that made the Baby Shower a huge success."

    Michelle M., Tucson, AZ

    baby scattergories

  • MAY 24, 2013

    "The games were a big hit and everyone loved them . Will def be getting more soon !!"

    Tammy M., Manchester, KY

    bible babies moms & dads

  • MAY 24, 2013


    Judy V., Grosse Ile, MI

    bridal bingo hearts

  • MAY 23, 2013

    "The games look awesome!"

    Jackie D., Whyalla, AU

    you're getting older when

  • MAY 22, 2013

    "We had a very good party. The womwen really enjoyed the purse contents search and the men were stumped by the NFL game. You have quite a good variety."

    Helen S., Spokane, WA

    nfl nickname race

  • MAY 22, 2013

    "I will be hosting three showers this summer one in June, July and August. I should be able to find nine games to use as some people will be attending all three parties."

    Mary S., Portsmouth, RI

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  • MAY 22, 2013

    "Our party isn't for a couple of weeks, but my co-host was excited about the games when I showed them to her. I'm glad I found your website because we are always searching for appropriate games to play. My friend and I are the social coordinators of our very large Sunday School class and it is extremely hard to find really fun exciting games that everyone enjoys playing and are appropriate for a church social."

    Linda S., Semmes, AL

    conversation starters

  • MAY 16, 2013

    "I hosted the first one (a 7 year old birthday party) and am about to host the 2nd one (a 6 year old birthday party). It was great, and the kids loved the bingo game. They wanted to play many times over."

    Mary Ellen R., Ferndale, MI

    birthday picture bingo

  • MAY 16, 2013

    "We did have our party and all was good. The game was great. I wouldn't change a thing."

    Shannon O., Rochester, NY

    baby bingo

  • MAY 13, 2013

    "The games were a big hit! Everyone enjoyed them, especially the "Why do we do that?" game."

    Pam H., Lebanon, OH

    why do we do that

  • MAY 9, 2013

    "Everyone loved the Mothers Day Bingo cards. We had a great time. I'll be getting with you soon for fall games. Thank you for all your help."

    Roxanna E., Boonville, IN

    mothers day bingo

  • MAY 9, 2013

    "All the games were challenging, and allowed for primarily one winner for each game. Everyone had to concentrate and enjoyed playing the games. I felt the quality of paper was fine with vibrant colors. I also liked the fact that each game had a distinct motif."

    Donene H., Cupertino, CA

    blue point of view

  • MAY 9, 2013

    "My party was great everyone loved the games. I can say they were worth every cent if not more. I will be sure to rate you on website but did want to say in my own words how great they were."

    Zolisha W., Normal, IL

    advice for the newlyweds

  • MAY 9, 2013

    "The Bridal Party was two weeks ago, the games were a hit, we weren't able to do all of them, but I have another daughter getting married next year."

    Kathy M., Yorktown Heights, NY

    famous couples match

  • MAY 8, 2013

    "The Guest Bingo was a big hit. I customized it a bit to items a bit more difficult as I felt some were too common. The idea of having people mingle to get answers is a great idea and way better than just sitting there and doing it on themselves. Who Knows the Bride and Groom - this is a great idea and the templates were helpful/festive but I did change most of the questions as once again I felt they were a little too common place. Even though I thought I put some hard ones in, my daughter got most of them right! Your ideas are fantastic and I am very happy to have found your site!"

    Sandy C., Milton, ON

    wedding guest bingo

  • MAY 8, 2013

    "It was terrific! And, bingo was a huge hit. We personalized the cards which made it even more fun. Then I mounted them on card stock and bought some self-sticking crystals and bedazzled the cards at the top! Loved your site!"

    Susan D., Great Falls, MT

    bridal bingo

  • MAY 7, 2013

    "The party was fantastic. The games sensational. One of the best games every body see in Baby Shower."

    Luisa S., Houston, TX

    baby bingo sailboat

  • MAY 4, 2013

    "The games were a hit – not too easy, not too hard. And I appreciated that I could make as many copies as I needed, and that they were quite attractive."

    Kathy H., West Linn, OR

    baby trivia

  • MAY 3, 2013

    "The party was great!!! Guest were happy to see new games verses the traditional games played at most bridal shower parties. Most of all, we enjoyed the biblical games. There were many gifts and everyone wanted a chance to win, so I had great participation."

    Katrina G., Gainesville, FL

    the tender love story

  • MAY 3, 2013

    "The games were GREAT. The big hit was "What is Mommy Wearing." I'm glad I found your webpage."

    Stephanie P., Sugar Grove, IL

    and mommy wore

  • MAY 1, 2013

    "I enjoyed using your site and I appreciated your help. Thank you"

    Karen L., Malden, MO

    things in the brides purse

  • MAY 1, 2013

    "The baby shower is in July. I used 2 of the games for my friend & they loved them"

    Kimberly T., Buffalo, NY

    the baby story

  • APR 29, 2013

    "Your games were a hit! Everyone really enjoyed the "Price Is Right" game. It was mentioned that not only was it a fun game but a great opportunity to give the mother-to-be some extra gifts. I purchased gifts off of her registry, things that guest wouldn't of bought because they weren't "cute" such as laundry soap for baby, butt paste, bottles, bottle brushes, first aid kit for children, etc. The game was a HIT! We also really enjoyed the raffle tickets that were used for a diaper raffle at the shower. Again guest comments on how "cute and clever" the tickets were. Last but not least, we really enjoyed the updated version of "unscramble the words" game. Your site was friendly user, easy to print, and just a wonderful addition to our party. Thank you for creating a site that has great games that I could just download and print versus going store to store trying to find something different and cute. Thanks again, A Happy Customer!"

    Karen G., West Sacramento, CA

    baby price is right

  • APR 26, 2013

    "We had a blast. Thanks so much for your creativity!"

    Tiffany W., Marshall, TX

    wedding taboo

  • APR 24, 2013

    "The ladies seem to enjoy the games. As my wife said, "they did the job." I could hear the laughter while waiting."

    Don B., Kalamazoo, MI

    who knows the bride

  • APR 23, 2013

    "Shared the games with some others - a fun idea. We have enjoyed trying to guess the right answers and will be fun to play at our Grandma shower later."

    Celia V., Puyallup, WA

    whats in grandmas cookie jar

  • APR 21, 2013

    "I had asked several people for things that were personal to the bride in included them in the Bingo. It was a smash success. She made the bride-to-be explain the words, thus givng the family a chance to get to know her better. The Bride's words at the shower, "What - who has been talking about me!!?" The Bride called me to thank me for the game, saying it was somewhat embarrasing, but great. Her two future sister-in-laws won the two games played! I also got a call from another of my sister-in-laws saying how much they enjoyed the game."

    Renee V., Abbotsford, BC

    bridal bingo

  • APR 20, 2013

    "Everyone loved Jepardy :) I told everyone about your games they were pretty impressed :)"

    Danielle A., South Hedland, AU

    baby jeopardy

  • APR 19, 2013

    "I love all the games, information and ideas. It is going to be the best baby shower ever, thanks you all your creativeness."

    Dawn Y., Boise, ID

    mr. goodbars shopping trip

  • APR 18, 2013

    "The wedding shower went well and the games were a hit. I think however some of them were quite challenging which quite a few people in the group enjoyed. I highly recommend this site for anyone needing to plan games for an event."

    Carol S., Woodstock, IL

    name that wedding cake

  • APR 17, 2013

    "The games were wonderful. I am very glad that I purchased them from your website. I was truly pleased. I will purchase from here again for the baby shower I am doing in August."

    Satyra H., Lancaster, TX

    and the bride wore

  • APR 14, 2013

    "We had a good time with Baby Bingo - made it blackout and got pretty entertaining."

    Ann N., Vancouver, WA

    baby bingo

  • APR 13, 2013

    "Games were great and a big hit. I really liked the fact that I could download games that looked professional, not something I just came up with on my own. And the price was reasonable."

    Susan D., Penfield, NY

    how to be a good wife

  • APR 9, 2013

    "I did have my party and it was wonderful. I purchased the personalized raffle tickets and they were very nice. People enjoyed the raffles and the prizes without taking away too much time from the shower."

    Antoinette S., Nanuet, NY

    bridal shower raffle tickets

  • APR 7, 2013

    "Overall the games were attractive, fun, not too easy (which people liked), and worked well in terms of having fewer winners so we didn’t run out of prizes. I was very happy with the whole process from using your website to order and print and with the product. Thank you."

    Pam D., Oneida , NY

    wedding word scramble

  • APR 4, 2013

    "Easter Bingo and This & That Easter Match was a big hit. You received 5 stars all the way. The kids had so much to do that we didn’t get a chance to pin the tail on the bunny. Kudos to you!"

    Gloria M., Spartanburg, SC

    that & that easter match

  • MAR 30, 2013

    "We had a great time. The game most of our guests enjoyed most was Honey Do's with who did? ironing, clean the garage...? If I were to host the shower again, I would have the bride and groom sit back to back, each holding a paddle with their picture on it. Do not let the bride or groom see the list, while the guests are filling out their answers. Then ask the questions and see who holds up their paddle."

    Jeannie E., Monroe, WI

    honey do's

  • MAR 30, 2013

    "I did have my dinner party -- St. Patrick's Day. I had several people who didn't know one another. We played one of the games as a kind of ice breaker and I even had prizes! It was hoaky, but all were game and had fun with the game."

    Charlotte K., Austin, TX

    st. patrick's day this & that trivia

  • MAR 28, 2013

    "The party was a success, and all the teens liked the games. Thanks so much!"

    Joyce J., Pittsburg, KY

    color me green

  • MAR 27, 2013

    "The Bridal Shower was great and the Bridal Bingo was a big hit especially with the squares that we personalized to the bride, groom and wedding party. Everyone loved playing it. We did an “L” bingo for LOVE!! We had lots of fun and laughter and thank you a lot. I will recommend you for sure."

    Dawn P., Niceville, FL

    bridal bingo

  • MAR 25, 2013

    "The games were great and a huge hit! Thanks for your help! I am going to be throwing another baby shower this summer for my sister-in-law so will be needing your help again."

    Denielle W., Spokane, WA

    baby shower taboo

  • MAR 22, 2013

    "It was awesome!.. the "Why do they do That" was lots of fun. Everyone had a great time."

    Sandy M., Indian Trail, NC

    why do we do that

  • MAR 19, 2013

    "THE PARTY WAS GREAT! The 70’s Silly Slang went over well. Everyone had lots of fun with it- great stress buster……"

    Pearl C., Ocala, FL

    silly seventies slang

  • MAR 16, 2013

    "The party was great and your story was a big hit. I gave your email address to a couple of people."

    Janis S., Fort Pierce, FL

    lefty's right leprechaun

  • MAR 16, 2013

    "Had a lot of fun with games..... That is a great collection, lots to choose from, and more than enough to handle any party. We did the BINGO, SCRAMBLE and TRIVIA ones... Added Charades to the mix along with a lot of Green beer and wine."

    David B., Creston, IA

    st. patrick's day this & that trivia

  • MAR 14, 2013

    "I am excited about using the game. Will let you know how it went."

    Renee V., Abbotsford, BC

    bridal bingo

  • MAR 14, 2013

    "We used the games for a baby shower and they really worked out well. I would definitely recommend your website."

    Marleen P., Maryville, IL

    baby scattergories

  • MAR 13, 2013

    "I'm a big fan of the website. Keep up the good work :)"

    Nicole B., Sydney, Australia

    how to be a good wife

  • MAR 11, 2013

    "We had a fun time playing the who knows mommy and daddy game at my daughter in laws baby shower. Even family laughed at some of the answers!!!!"

    Michele L., Petaluma, CA

    who knows mommy & daddy

  • MAR 9, 2013

    "We played Baby Jeopardy with 4 teams of 5 and it was a hoot wonderful thanks so much. We also have men at the shower and they wanted to keep the game going."

    Lydia F., Milwaukee, WI

    baby jeopardy

  • MAR 7, 2013

    "I am currently deployed to AFG, my party for my BFF will not be until i return. I have told many people I am deployed with about your site, convenience, quality, etc."

    Michelle C., Abingdon, MD

    wedding taboo

  • MAR 5, 2013

    "For my son's 5th grade class' Valentine's party we played the gift exchange -- it was GREAT! The kids loved it!"

    Nicole D., Marionville, MO

    gift exchange fun

  • MAR 4, 2013

    "This is my first Grandchild, I want this to be special. The personalized Bingo is very cool. I have saved your web site to my favorites for future use."

    Diane L., Mayville, WI

    baby bingo

  • MAR 4, 2013

    "The games were excellent! Hopefully I can get more use out of the rest of them, I just need my friends to have babies!"

    Jade K., Dural, NSW

    and mommy wore

  • MAR 3, 2013

    "It was great. Loved the games."

    Sandy B., Lake Mary, FL

    a sympthony of bit o honey

  • MAR 2, 2013

    "The students loved the games! Absolutely!!! I'd like to have more games on a weekly basis for rewards and just pure fun. Thank you so much for your timely help that day. You don't know how I appreciated your timely 'real person' help."

    Mary S., Moran, TX

    valentine word scramble

  • MAR 1, 2013

    "My parties have been very Excellent!"

    Amy H., Fayetteville, NC

    bible babies moms & dads

  • FEB 28, 2013

    "OMG, we had so much fun playing one of the games at mybExecutive Board meeting tonight. It was so easy to print out and have it for immediate use. Thank you!"

    Patricia G., Medford, NJ

    color me green

  • FEB 27, 2013

    "Wonderful, the bingo game was perfect for my sons school party."

    Jayne W., Northville, MI

    valentine picture bingo

  • FEB 26, 2013

    "Fun table games!"

    Joan S., Mt. Prospect, IL

    famous couples

  • FEB 22, 2013

    "We will be using the Bible Bingo during Lent activities at our church!"

    Jeff R., Stafford, VA

    easter bible picture bingo

  • FEB 20, 2013

    "What I've seen so far, they are great! We chose 3 games to play and we had quite a fun time with them. We have another shower in a couple weeks and will be playing some of the other ones. Thanks so much, it is nice not to spend a fortune on games that just get tossed in the trash."

    Tina P., Sadorus, IL

    famous pairs word scramble

  • FEB 18, 2013

    "The Bible Pairs game added just the right note to our gathering of 'church ladies.' We're now looking for a St.Patty's theme game for our March luncheon meeting featuring 'loaded' Irish baked potatoes."

    Kathi T., San Jose, CA

    bible pairs

  • FEB 18, 2013

    "I continue to use your pages for game as I use them for parties with groups of young girls and older members of an organization I belong to. The games are always a hit.............and I like the fact you update with new games."

    Terry N., Courtenay , BC

    valentine fun candy trivia

  • FEB 18, 2013

    "The game I purchased was perfect for the purpose I used it for. I used the game at our Rotary meeting and it was received very well."

    Sabra C., Ness City, KS

    valentine word search

  • FEB 16, 2013

    "One down and one to go...loved the help this website was able to give me. I ended up printing alot that I did not need on the day BUT better to be prepared than not have enough. The first baby shower was yesterday and the next is within a fortnight... so I have only concentrated on one so far. But that was a success"

    Janelle S., TANNUM SANDS, AU

    its also a baby name

  • FEB 16, 2013

    "Total success thank you very much. I found your website very handy to purchase all the games I needed. Thanks again."

    Cheryl G., Tahmoor, AU

    everything baby from a to z

  • FEB 15, 2013

    "The Valentine Bingo went very well for our church's adult Valentine Party. They wanted to keep going. I'm gonna try the Mother's Day Bingo for our church's Mother/Daughter Brunch in May. We usually have about 80 in attendance. I will have other kids games in a different area while the older (12 & up) kids and moms can play Bingo"

    Mada B., Aurora, MO

    valentines day bingo

  • FEB 12, 2013

    "We will be celebrating the 14th. I really liked being able to download the game and personalizing it."

    Patricia M., Cupertino, CA

    the topic of the day is red

  • FEB 11, 2013

    "The bingo cards were a huge hit. I was pleased to find that your service was not only more affordable than comparable products, but resulted in a much more enjoyable experience because they were so customizable!""

    Nicole E., San Diego, CA

    wedding gift bingo

  • FEB 7, 2013

    "I had no idea how competitive woman at a baby shower can get. Everyone had lots of fun and I received numerous compliments on how fun it was."

    Laura G., Clarksburg, MD

    baby word scramble

  • FEB 3, 2013

    The two games I chose were a big hit! Everyone enjoyed playing them & if I should host  another party I definitely would be using your site.

    Norma L., Torrance, CA

    nursery rhyme quiz

  • JAN 31, 2013

    "The baby shower was great and the game was a huge hit!!! I picked out the “What’s in Mommy’s Purse” game because I knew my daughter would get a kick out of it since I have everything except the kitchen sink in my pocketbook! Luckily I wasn’t playing because I would have won hands down!"

    Joanne V., Cohoes, NY

    Things In Mommy's Purse

  • JAN 25, 2013

    "It was great to have games that we haven't played over and over and over at showers. Thanks alot."

    Tamara E., Winthrop Harbor, IL

    Foreign Language Baby

  • JAN 24, 2013

    "The party it was a great success. I was actually going to see if you had any bridal shower games."

    Megan A., Moranbah

    Celebrity Moms & Dads

  • JAN 18, 2013

    "It was perfect. Everyone went home with some kind of gift! I loved them!"

    Sue G.,Lutherville, MD

    Who's Thinking Pink