Best Games for Mixed Generations Bridal Shower

Awkward mix coming to the bridal shower? Maybe you ended up with mostly family, the bride’s great aunt, and a few college friends. Mingling and conversation left to its own could end up dividing the group into family and excluding non-family. Or thirty-somethings and the over 50 crowd. Things don’t have to be clunky and awkward if you handle it right.

I’d suggest a few good games to break the ice. Shocker, right? Considering we make games for a living, you’re probably not surprised!

Breaking the ice is easy…IF you host parties all the time and you’re experienced at making mixed groups feel comfortable. Most of us, however, dread the thought of awkward silence – which is where games come in.

About The Generations

While the thirty-somethings love to craft DIY projects, your great aunt is likely to despise trying to string tiny beads on a necklace. And your great aunt would love to have a traditional game like bingo – but everyone else was hoping for something they haven’t seen before.

Younger Generation Faves

Movie Love Quotes
It’s no secret the younger crowd watches the most movies. So when it comes to a game with movie trivia, like matching famous movie love quotes to the name of the movie, the younger guests l-o-v-e it. To get everyone involved in this game, you’ll want to pair up guests who have at least a 10 year gap between ages. Click here for a printable version.

Guess Who’s Underwear
Guests bring lingerie gifts that matches her own personality, and a clothesline is hung across the room. At some point everyone has to guess who brought which item, and the bride goes home with new lingerie. If your crowd will have a great aunt or older guests, you could tame this game to their tastes by asking everyone to bring something to wear to bed, like PJ’s.

Do You Know Her
Younger shower goers have been tired of “What is the Bride Wearing” since the 5th time they played it. With bridal showers every other weekend starting in March, that means you’re better off with a game of “Do You Know Her” where you randomly pair guests back to back and give them a questionnaire about their other partner. Much more fun! To draw in the older generation, though, you might want to have the bride leave the room and let them play the same game, only answering questions about the bride. Click here for a printable version.

Older Generation Faves 

Bridal Bingo
Seriously, have you been to a bridal shower where they HAVEN’T played Bridal Bingo?? To get the younger group excited to play this game o-n-e m-o-r-e t-i-m-e, up the anty and get some $10 game prizes like fun gift cards or accessories. Click here for a printable version.

Toilet Paper Bride
Yes, the one where you break into teams and dress one lady up as the bride using toilet paper. If you want to draw in the younger crowd, use more DIY crafty items; like scrapbook paper (can you imagine a bridal gown out of paper?) tissue paper, scissors, feathers, paper punches or beads.

Who Knows The Bride
Questions about who knows the bride best…and the winner is always her mom. To keep the whole crowd playing instead of groaning, make sure you mix in questions about her life in college (if college friends are there) her early years (for the family) and a few things about her and her man. Then pull out this twist – you ask the questions and the first person to answer correctly gets a Hershey’s kiss. The person with the most Hershey’s kisses at the end, wins. Click here for a printable version.

New Bridal Shower Games

We’re always adding new games and updating favorites. Here’s what we’ve been up to lately…

Challenging game that will have even the biggest movie fans scratching their heads! Which movie did we hear the famous romantic line, “You make me want to be a better man?”


New: Blue, Pink & Purple Scratchers

Get the fun started with scratch off tickets! The object is to scratch the silver area to reveal who the winner is…but have a little fun with it — use them for drawings, raffles, games, door prizes and more!


New: Bridal Shower Word Twist

A classic bridal shower game! Guests try to make new words using only the letters in the words “Bridal Shower”. But why make it easy?!? Personalize this game for the bride and groom, ”Congratulations Jamie and Mark!” – or anything you want!


If you’d like to share your hostess tips for breaking the ice, drop us a line so we can share with our readers!



Turn Up The Fun at Bridal Showers

We’re talking fun games – not the boring ones.

Tired of bridal showers where we sit around, gossip and eat? So are the rest of us! Make guests get out of their chairs and do something – preferably something that will make ‘em laugh.

Here’s the set of games we helped a customer put together for an upcoming bridal shower – her only requirement was that they were fun games not everyone has played before. (Her guests loved the games, btw.)

Changing Places
Perfect when families of the bride and groom don’t already know each other.

Surprise mingling guests… say ‘freeze’! This icebreaker forces everyone to introduce themselves to someone else IF they fit the criteria. For example, you might say “change places if you’re wearing red” and any guest wearing red changes places with another and has to introduce herself to the persons now standing next to them. $6.99 from Funsational.

Things In Your Purse
They say you can learn a lot about a woman by what she has in her purse.

Play in teams of two or three and this traditional game gets loud – and funny! Use the checklist with points for each item…the woman with the largest purse doesn’t usually win! $3.99 from Funsational.

Nice To Meet You Bingo
Bingo is a favorite – but who says you have to play Bridal Bingo? This bingo requires talking, moving, AND interaction.

Even if your guests have known each other for years, this game still works. Why? Because there are still things you might not know…like if they like broccoli, have been to Sea World, or have ever won a trophy. First guest to get initials in enough squares to make bingo, wins. $4.50 from Funsational.

I Need A Shoelace
Talked someone into giving you a shoelace lately? This and other random items to find can make or break the winning team.

Pair group into two-three teams. Each team has one player in the hotseat while you call out a random demand, like “Bring me a hat.”  Whichever player brings that item back first, wins a point for their team. Swap the player in the hotseat and repeat with things like:

  • Eating utensil.
  • Earring not in an ear.
  • Lipstick.
  • Quarter.
  • Nail file.
  • Chewed gum.
  • Sock with a hole in it.
  • Hair brush.

This game gets loud, fast!


Pacifier Swing
Minute-to-win-it style baby shower game gets guests trying to catch a pacifier in their mouth!

free baby shower game icebreaker

Each guest needs a pacifier with a 7-9 inch ribbon attached. Starting with the end of the ribbon in their mouth, guests will have two minutes to try and swing the pacifier up and catch it in their mouth…no hands! Winner is the one who catches their pacifier the most times within the time limit.


Games are a great way to pump up the fun, but sometimes all you need is something out of the ordinary. If you’d like to share your hostess tips, drop us a line!

Raise the stakes of your bridal shower games

Are the same old bridal shower games getting boring? You don’t have to reinvent every game to make it un-boring and maybe {gasp} even fun. We suggest you raise the stakes of the game and add a few consequences for wrong answers…

For example, we know you know the game where everyone brings a photo of the bride and tells of their fave memory. But let’s raise the stakes.

Put the bride in the hotseat and make her tell about the photo. If she doesn’t remember or gets it wrong, make her put on an embarrassing piece of clothing like a wig, a mustache, or a necklace made of condoms.

Hot Trends for 2013 Bridal Showers

The best part of my job is hearing from our thousands of customers, and not only do I absolutely LOVE hearing every story, I get to hear about what’s going on…all over the US with showers and parties. Which is why I thought it would be fun to share with you what we’ve seen, and what we see coming for 2013 with bridal showers!

Bridal shower panty poem…for the lingere shower or bachelorette party

This panty poem is sure to make an impression! The idea is to give her something memorable – but don’t try this if your bride-to-be is incredibly shy.

The presentation of this panty poem requires 8 pairs of panties:

  •     Bridal white for the first night
  •     Sexy lace panties for the honeymoon
  •     Red for Valentine’s day
  •     Leopard print for the 1st anniversary
  •     A pink pair AND a blue pair for first baby
  •     A sexy full cut pair for 25 years of marriage
  •     A big giant pair of bloomers or granny panties

String out the panties on a clothesline before the bride arrives, or have a few of your guests participate and hold each one up as you read the poem…

Trendy couples showers in lieu of traditional girls-only bridal showers

Couples wedding showers have been popular for some time, but they are becoming increasingly trendy! In fact, it is no longer a shock to walk into a shower and see the bride and the groom together.

A couple shower is closer to an afternoon barbeque, or cocktail dinner party than it is to a bridal shower; the food is heartier, the decorations  less girly and the games are something both men and women enjoy. While there are no hard-and-fast rules, we have a few tips that will help you keep the shower fun and memorable.

Destination Bridal Showers

If you’ve considered moving the bridal shower out of your home, you may have thought about a restaurant or country club. But what about a destination bridal shower: an exciting weekend away in another city, a country escape centered around a private vineyard tour and wine tasting, or a spa weekend?

Because most wedding dates are chosen over a year in advance, you can start planning the bridal shower as soon as the date is known. This gives you enough time to handle the details of an out of town event.

I’m freaking out! What gift should I give my best friend at her bridal shower?

When it comes to throwing your best gal pal a bridal shower, there are tons of things to consider. No, we aren't talking about selecting whether to play printable games like "Wedding Gift Bingo," "Everything Wedding" or both.

We're talking about what to give the guest of honor. This conundrum can be perplexing, especially if the bride-to-be is picky when it comes to presents. Sure, she may act like she likes that vinyl picnic-inspired tablecloth, but there's a pretty good chance she'll never use it when having people over for dinner.

Instead, follow the gift-giving tips below from Martha Stewart and rest assured that your bestie will enjoy and make use of what you give her for years to come: