Hot Trends for 2013 Bridal Showers

The best part of my job is hearing from our thousands of customers, and not only do I absolutely LOVE hearing every story, I get to hear about what’s going on…all over the US with showers and parties. Which is why I thought it would be fun to share with you what we’ve seen, and what we see coming for 2013 with bridal showers!


hot trend alert - couples bridal showersCouples showers

They are still on top of the trendy list! It’s not uncommon to walk into a shower and see the groom participating anymore.  A couple shower is closer to an afternoon barbeque, or cocktail dinner party than it is to a bridal shower; the food is heartier, the decorations  less girly and the games are something both men and women enjoy.  Read our latest blog about hosting a couples shower here.


Destination showerbridal shower trends destination showers

The afternoon at home sipping champagne has taken a backseat to an afternoon at the spa with the girls, a limo guided wine tour stopping at various wineries for tastings; or even traveling to an out-of-town destination for a long weekend (and combining it with the bachelorette party.)

When the bride and groom are more established and don’t need toaster or linens, they’re more apt to enjoy an activity, sporting event, or excursion without gifts.. and just have a celebration with close friends. With or without the groom. Read our latest blog about destination bridal showers here.


edible bridal shower favor truffles

Edible favors or charitable donation favors

Taking home useless trinkets is a thing we’ve seen go…and happily so. It’s one thing if the favor is something useful, but more often than not, favors just get tossed in the trash. That’s why hostesses are switching to edible favors, like artisian cookies or chocolates individually wrapped. Some hostesses have even opted to give the money they would have spent on favors to a charitable organization and simply created a take-home note stating such. This is a trend we love very much!


Bringing in an expert to teachbring a local expert to the shower

Theme showers, like a kitchen party that gives the bride items like pots and pans, have been upgraded to include a hands-on lesson from a local chef on how to prepare appetizers, or a tasty meal. When the bride and groom are more established and don’t need toaster or linens, they’re more apt to enjoy this type of a shower. Other ideas include a masseuse to teach the art of massage, a makeup artist, or even a belly dancing instructor. Maybe the expert isn’t teaching the group, but instead is a celebrity impersonator, astrologer, fortune teller, caricaturist, or henna artist.

bridal shower toast



Toasting The Bride

Depending on the group of friends, it might turn into a roasting…but a roast is usually better left for the bachelorette party.  At the bridal shower, clink your glass to get everyone’s attention, then toast to the bride who has been your friend through thick and thin, how you found out they were engaged, and maybe a few inside secrets (keep them PG for mom and grandma) about the bride. Maybe because it’s free, or maybe because it makes the event so memorable, toasting the bride has become a must-do at the shower. Read more about how to write a bridal shower toast here.


Earlier In The Daybridal showers earlier in the day

The biggest trend we’re seeing is that the showers are earlier in the day; hostesses are serving brunch or even breakfast instead of the usual lunch, and guests are out the door by early afternoon.



ethnic food dishes at a bridal shower showcase the bride's cultureCelebrating Ethnicity

Celebrating traditions or heritage of the bride and groom are hot themes right now! Worldwide the countries are all becoming multi-cultural, so we share segments of population’s traditions and foods in marriage. For an African-American couple, use cowrie shells for centerpieces and in your flower arrangements. In West Africa, cowrie shells symbolize fertility and are an important part of wedding celebrations.  For a touch of Chinese culture, adopt the color of red (the color of happiness. love and wealth) into flowers, decor or decoration.

Another way to celebrate is to serve foods of the specific ethnicity – food is an excellent way for guests to be introduced to a new culture, to experience it first-hand.


Games matching the party theme

Any old game just isn’t going to cut it anymore….everyone has gone to theme parties (you’ve seen some ideas above) and bridal showers are no different. Games can exactly match the theme (like Wedding Family Ties for a Bride-To-Bee theme) but they can also match via a color scheme. Don’t worry, we have tons of themes and color schemes to choose from *wink*.


bride-to-bee theme bridal shower

Bride-To-Bee theme bridal shower games
*In this photo: Honey Do’s, Symphony Bit O’ Honey, Wedding Family Ties


decade retro 1950's inspired bridal shwoer

1950′s inspired bridal shower theme
*In this photo: Finding Mr. Wright, Who Knows The Bride?, How To Be A Good Wife


With all these new trends in mind, one thing that has stayed constant is the celebration of family and friends with the bride-to-be! Bridal showers are here to stay…they just look a little different. Cheers to a 2013 filled with lots of showers!



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