What to do when mom-to-be thinks pencil & paper baby shower games are boring

Avoid boring your guests - liven it up with baby shower games & activities that require guests to act as teams, or get out of their seats.

Avoid boring your guests - liven it up with baby shower games & activities that require guests to act as teams, or get out of their seats.

I know, can you imagine that mom-to-be might think pencil & paper games are boring?!? But putting my personal preferences aside {because let’s face it, they are quite biased} it does happen.  Sometimes the guest of honor thinks that the pencil & paper games tend to…. get a little drawn out and boring.

So what do you do? Liven it up with activities that require guests to act as teams, or get out of their seats.


Baby Shower Pictionary & Charades (and Reverse Charades)

While most of the team gets to sit during Baby Shower Pictionary, you’re still getting the interaction levels high by getting guests to play as a team. And Baby Shower Charades, well, that will really get you out of your seat!

Then there are those hostesses who want to try something new…for you…I give you Reverse Charades. Played with the same charades cards, instead of one team member acting and everyone else guessing, switch it around and have everyone acting with one person guessing. Speed round includes each team going for 5 cards in a row – after the team member guesses the first card, immediately start acting out the second card, and so on.


Baby Shower Taboo

Another team game. With Baby Shower Taboo,  you’re shouting clues to your team to get them to guess the right word….but there’s a catch. The 6 most popular words you would like to say to help them out are taboo – meaning you can’t say them. And if it seems like it’s getting drawn out and uninteresting {is that possible?} you can always stop before using all the cards. Easy enough.


Baby Jeopardy

Did someone say teams? Because we’ve found another fave team game for baby showers, Baby Jeopardy. If you have a couples shower, now is a perfect time to pit the guys against the girls! Teams compete to answer questions in 5 baby categories, marking squares as they go. Team with the most money at the end, wins.


Painting Baby Onesies

If mom-to-be says absolutely no games, you can still do an “activity”. The most popular is to paint baby onesies, taking time at the shower to use actual paint (and stencils!) to create one-of-a-kind gifts for mom-to-be.


Baby Shower Appropriate Adult Pinata

No one can say this would be drawn out and boring, especially when you’re talking about blindfolding adults and watching them whack things with a bat! Fill it with items like plastic mini bottles of booze, bottle openers, guitar picks, lottery tickets, gum, etc. For more ideas on items to put in the pinata, click here.


What’s Mommy Wearing – Paired Up! Version

If you’ve ever played What’s Mommy Wearing before – and most guests have – we all watch what mommy is wearing and then answer questions about her after she leaves the room. But if this one strikes the guest of honor as boring, then mix it up with a variation…

Pair up guests and have each pair stand back-to-back. Be sure you don’t have any mothers and daughters or sisters together. Tell them to fill in the answers based on their partner instead of the bride! Most correct answers, wins.


And if all of this doesn’t suit mom-to-be, you could {gasp!} skip the games. But we don’t recommend it, if at all possible!

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