Hot Baby Shower Trends for 2013

We get to hear from thousands of customers throughout the year, and not only do I absolutely LOVE hearing every story, I get to hear about what’s going on…all over the US with showers and parties. That’s why when it came time to write this newsletter, I knew I had to let you all in on a few things we’ve been seeing brewing – trends that will be exploding all over the place this year!


color is a major party trend in 2013

Color, color, color

Is it me, or does everyone know what the Pantone color of the year is? We’re getting bombarded with news about it…emerald green. And I have to say I love it!

But no matter how you feel about emerald green, color itself will be a huge deal with parties. Taking one color and spreading it throughout the party, from the colors of servingware, table settings, decorations, favors, flowers, centerpieces, and even the food itself! Parties will be draped in color.



Whether you’re throwing a backyard bash or an evening soiree, outdoors is the place to be in 2013. Weather permitting, of course. Setting up country style, picnic benches and all; taking your indoor furniture outdoors, or setting up outside in comfortable patio lounge seating are just a few possibilities. Other ideal settings include hotel poolside, outdoor dining at a restaurant, or large canopy tents.



smaller guest lists are a hot trend in 2013Keep it close

Smaller guest lists are hitting the mainstream. Hostesses and moms-to-be are opting for smaller guest lists, but keeping the extravagant extras. It’s really about spoiling the guests AND the mom-to-be. An average size is about 20 or less.




photos are essential in 2013Photos and more photos

When it comes to photos, just remember this rule of thumb: She with the most memories, wins! So don’t skimp on the pictures or forget the camera – mom-to-be will want lots and lots of photos.

The best way to ensure no one ducks out of the picture is to setup a fun photobooth…props optional. Set a digital camera on a tripod, have a nice backdrop, and voila! You’re ready. The big group photo is also back in, but do it early on before guests get too involved in eating or mingling.


invite surprise unexpected guests to baby showerUnexpected guests…

Even though the trend is to host a small party, the guest list is very much thought out. Surprise guests  like childhood friends or former coworkers (ones that would be a welcome surprise) have been the highlight of a few showers this past year – and we’ll start seeing more of these occurences as 2013 carries on.



mini baby showers for the second, third or fourth babyMini’s

Mini’s = smaller shower for the second/third/fourth child. It was rumored last year that these smaller celebrations were going away, but we’ve been talking with hostesses and they are as popular as ever…they’re just staying small. In fact, everything about them is small including small bite-size finger foods, small gifts, and mini everything from decorations to game prizes to food.



food is a focal point for 2013 baby showersFood will become a focal point

Hello and! With so many online resources like these, it’s no wonder we’re obsessed with food. The trend is to not only have food that tastes good, but looks good too. If it’s pretty enough for a picture, it’s pretty enough for a party.




Games matching the party theme

Any old game just isn’t going to cut it anymore….everyone has gone to theme parties, and baby showers are no different. Games can exactly match the theme (like Nursery Rhyme Quiz for a Nursery Rhyme theme, or Animal Babies Match Game for an Animal theme) but they can also match via a color scheme. Don’t worry, we have tons of themes and color schemes to choose from *wink*.

nursery rhyme theme baby shower games
Nursery rhyme theme baby shower games
*In this photo: Nursery Rhyme Mad Lib, Baby Bingo, New Baby Advice


pink baby shower game theme
Pink theme baby shower games
*In this photo: Who’s Thinking Pink, Baby Jeopardy, Baby’s Beautiful Reflection


With all these new trends in mind, one thing that has stayed constant is the celebration of family and friends with mom-to-be and her soon-to-arrive bundle of joy. Baby Showers are here to stay. Cheers to a Happy New Year filled with lots of showers!



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