Non-Lame Bridal Games? It’s All In How You Play….

Searching for non-lame bridal shower games? Sometimes it’s not the game…it’s how you play that matters; for example: 1) don’t play fair 2) never follow the rules 3) encourage talking, funny faces, and hoarding of answers…


So you’ve seen Wedding Word Scrambles tons of times. Boring & lame, right? Not necessarily…

If you take this same game, you can make it non-lame by:

  • Timing guests. They must get as many as they can in 45 seconds, and you get to talk, cajole, walk around and say “Jane has 12 answers, I hope you ladies are prepared to L-O-S-E to her…”, etc.
  • Pair off. Group guests to compete against each other, in 3′s or 4′s. A single winner from each group goes against the other winners in a different version of the word scramble. Last one standing takes the prize. (Hint: An overboard display of hoarding your answers works well here.)


Maybe even Who Knows The Bride?  can seem regular. But it doesn’t have to…

If you take this same game, you can make it non-lame by:

  • Prepping before-hand and asking the Bride to answer the questions, then asking the Groom to answer questions. For example, What was your first car? might give you a Red VW (bride) and a Toyota Truck (groom).  Where was your first kiss might give you At The Bar (groom) and July 2 (bride). At the shower you MC this game, tell guests the question, then tell them the answer you give will either be the bride’s answer – or the groom’s answer. They have to guess who said it.
  • Changing up the questions to ones the guests were not expecting. With our personalized version (find it here) you can easily change anything you want before you print it out.



Does And The Bride Wore get groans from your group of friends? They might start laughing when you make them do it this way…

  • Have the bride leave the room, then announce the game and pass out the paper. {I know, groans, right?} Then say “Wait, before you start, find someone in the room who is not related to you and pair up. Ok, now stand back-to-back with that person. Oh, and one more thing…you need to answer your questions based on the person you are paired with…not the Bride!!”




If this inspired you to get out of the same-old-lame-bridal-shower-game groove, and you have more fun ideas, please share!!

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