Our Favorite Beer-Inspired Foods & Superbowl Trivia Games

Superbowl Sunday? It’s a big thing around here. We’ve put together some of our fave foods made with beer, paired with beer, or deep-fried goodness!

Appetizer Warm-Up


If you’ve ever had beer cheese soup, this Beer Cheese Dip is just a bit cheesier – and perfect for dipping any kind of bite-size appetizer you can find!

Beer Fondue? Yes! Finally something that the women can keep to themselves! Give the men the dip, let them double-dip, triple-dip and flip ‘n dip…and you don’t even have to watch. Hover over the fondue and tell the men to keep their hands off!


Essential for the appetizer menu…slice it for serving or dice it for dipping.  Beer Bread  is a hostess fave because it has a own signature taste depending on the beer you choose to add.



On the crispy side, check out these Microwave Potato Chips  and Superbowl Nachos – to be served with beer!


NFL trivia for football trivia fans

Why wait until the game starts to have fun? It won’t matter if you’re tailgating, or at home with friends and family on game day, NFL Nickname Race will keep the crowd entertained! Players race to match up NFL teams to nicknames associated with the team. For a little added competition, divide the group up into teams.


Main Meal

Coconut shrimp is good, but Beer Battered Coconut Shrimp is even better! Anything battered and fried in beer batter has to be good, just look at those Fish Tacos.


Another use for beer bread – to dip in Beer Chili! For those of us who live where it snows…chili is a welcome sight, even when it’s not a party!


Football mascot match - sports trivia game


Find out who the real NFL fanatics are and have guests race to complete Mighty Mascot Match where NFL mascots (past, present and even unofficial ones) need to be matched to the team.


After Half-Time Desserts

After serving appetizers, main courses, and all of the above flavored-with-beer recipes…there’s just one more thing to do. Serve dessert baked with beer! Guinness Cupcakes and Beer Marshmallow S’mores…your guests are going to love you!


 sports trivia game - NFL and Heisman winner

Don’t leave out the Heisman trivia – do you remember which college made these pros famous? And The Heisman Winner Is


Have you stumbled upon any awesome recipes made with beer lately? We’d love you to share them in our comments section, below!

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