His & Hers: New Bridal Shower Game Edition

Tired of the quiet-guard-your-answers-and-don’t-talk bridal shower games? With a little outside-the-box thinking, you can get your guests having a blast with the very same game…but with a not so same-old twist…


Who Knows The Bride? New Edition

Gather some of the most popular questions you might ask about the Bride (or grab some already premade here).

Then quiz both the Bride and Groom before the shower. Ask them the same question, hopefully they will each have a different answer. (If not, that’s ok, too.)

Here’s how to play:

  • During the shower, give each guest a mustache and lips.  (Free download here: Mustache & Lips)
  • Then ask the first quiz question out loud, reading either the Bride’s answer OR the Groom’s answer…but don’t tell the guests who really gave that answer!
  • Guests use their mustache or lips to signal whether they thought that you gave them the Bride’s answer (lips) or Groom’s answer (mustache).
  • As everyone looks around the room, and you tell them who REALLY said that…watch the fun begin!
  • Continue with the rest of the questions – it’s about to get interesting!


Honey-Do’s New Edition

This game is a list of chores the couple will have around the house. Instead of giving guests a paper and pencil, you’ll only need one list of chores (grab a premade list here) and a set of mustaches and lips – one of each for each guest. (Free mustache and lips download here: Mustache & Lips)

Before the shower, ask the Bride to fill out the list of chores by marking whether it will be her job…or his.

Here’s how to play:

  • Read the first chore, and ask guests to answer who they think the chore will belong to
  • Guests use their mustache or lips to signal their answer
  • As everyone looks around the room,  tell them what the Bride said about that chore, and who would be doing it
  • Continue with the rest of the questions!


So many games can be made interactive with just a few slight changes…so don’t be afraid to get a little crazy with the games. In fact, we encourage it!! Leave us a comment and tell us how you’ve made popular bridal shower games more interactive.

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