Hosting a Christian Baby Shower


“Come celebrate a sweet little angel among us.”


The first rule of hosting a Christian baby shower is to check the guest list. Make sure you know the guests well enough (or mom-to-be knows them well enough) that you are certain they will not feel uncomfortable. I know many of you end up throwing showers for those within your churches….in which case, the guest list is already perfect.


Kick-start the party with a Christian baby shower devotion, prayer and a song. Here’s an example of a sweet baby shower devotional from Julia Bettencourt.

Of Such Is The Kingdom

This devotional is geared to use as an object lesson with items that you would purchase for a baby shower. The item is listed, along with a spiritual application. Place all the items into a gift bag or basket, remove the appropriate item, and give the application. When you are finished with the devotional, give the gift bag of items to the expectant mother.

      - Baby Shawl (or Blanket)
      - Baby Blocks (wooden or legos)
      - Baby Book (or photo album)
      - Safeguards (such as outlet covers, childproof cupboard locks, etc.)
      - Clothing Outfit
      - Child’s Bible (or New Testament)
      - Baby Rattle
      - Rubber Duck (or small baby toy)


Click here for the full devotional: Baby Shower Devotional


Christian Baby Shower Games

Christian baby shower games allow faith to be celebrated during the festivities. Some examples are:

Special Verse

How well do you know your bible Scriptures? Have guests write down as many bible verses as they can that refers to baby, children or parenting. The guest with the most bible verses wins a prize.

Bible Moms & Dads

Match Bible Moms & Dads with their babies. Guests might think they know all the famous people in the Bible, but do they know their Moms and Dads too? Click here for a printable version: Bible Babies, Moms & Dads.

Noah’s Ark

Noah took two of every animal (so popular legend goes), but can you name 2 baby items for every letter of the alphabet? Click here for a printable version: Noah’s Ark.


Elements of a Blessingway

Otherwise called a mother blessing, a blessingway is a spiritual celebration of the new life that mom-to-be is bringing into the world and a commemoration of a woman’s journey into motherhood. There is no emphasis on gift giving as with other types of baby showers.

Oftentimes the friends at the blessingway agree that as soon as they receive word labor has begun they will say a prayer and light a candle for the mother. This support can mean so much to a laboring woman. It could also be a great addition to your Christian baby shower. Send home small candles as favors, and ask guests to say a prayer and light a candle for mom-to-be!


However you decide to do it, have a super-fantastic baby shower…and congratulations to mom-to-be!

Have you ever attended or hosted a Christian baby shower? What was your experience like? Leave a comment for us, please!

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