Top 10 Baby Shower Games

Keeping the party going is oh-so important, and you can pick up the pace with these top 10 baby shower games that have captured the interest of shower goers everywhere…


1. Baby Bingo

Lotion and lullabies. Boppies, binkies, and more diapers than you can count. Get out the bingo chips, because all the gear and goodness that surround a new baby also make for a rousing game of Bingo! If you get a winner right away, keep playing for borders, or criss-cross pattern. Printable version.


2. Nursery Rhyme Quiz

Trivia is hot, hot, hot and so is this game! Gather a list of questions about childhood nursery rhymes…and see who can take this quiz without sweating! After all, who did the dish run away with? Printable version.


3. Pregancy How Sweet It Is

Matching candy to pregnancy terms may seem sweet enough, but it’s not exactly easy! Guests who prefer to play something different that doesn’t include wrapping a diaper on a baby will like this one! Printable version.


4. Don’t Say Baby

Ah, the classic clothespin game. Get this game started as soon as guests walk in the door. Hand each guest a clothespin and let them know the rules – catch anyone saying ‘baby’ and you get to steal all their clothespins! Tired of playing this one a million times? Use a bit of washi tape and decorate the clothespins to your theme…and to give them a new spin.


5. Baby Trivia

Did we mention trivia is hot? Because there is tons to go around! The Guinness Book of World Records and Wikipedia are great sources to find questions. The harder you make them, the more you might consider giving multiple choices. Printable version.


6. Baby Word Scrambles

If you think this classic game is old and outdated, you’ve probably never played it in under 60 seconds! Piling on the pressure makes this all-too-simple game anything but! Turn up the heat and play this classic again. Printable version.


7. Dirty Diapers

Just like it sounds, it’s a bit…well, gross. Sensitive stomachs need not play. Melt a few different bits of candy bars (separately) and scrape into individual diapers. When guests arrive, they will be asked to open and sniff…and guess which kind of candy was melted in each!


8. Celebrity Mom & Dads

Can you keep up on all the celebrities having babies? Can your guests? Super fun if mom-to-be follows the stars…because she may not have time after baby is born! Set up Celebrity Moms and Dads in one column to match with baby’s name on the right. Printable version.


9. Price Is Right

Why is this one always in the top 10? Because even if you won last month, prices are always changing! You may want to let guests know which store you researched for the correct answers…oh, and you may want to let them know they are not allowed to factor in coupons. You know us thrifty moms!


10. Gift Bingo

How many times can you watch mom open a gift and say “oh” and “ah”? About a dozen. If you have more than 12 guests, consider giving guests something ELSE to do during gift opening…like gift bingo. Played like regular bingo, guests have to mark one square for each gift opened…and the first to get bingo, wins. And if you’re looking to add a bit more amusement, announce that the 7th gift opened is the next mom-to-be! Printable version.


These are our top 10 baby shower games, but we’d love to know what yours are. Share your favorite baby shower games with us in the comment section, below.


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