Most Popular Easter Candy

The all-too-popular tradition of Easter candy didn’t begin too far in the past. In fact, Easter wasn’t originally celebrated with candy. It was celebrated hundreds of years ago with a treat called Hot Cross Buns.

Fast-forward into the early 1800’s and chocolate became all the rage.

Chocolatiers came up with the genius idea to begin shaping their chocolate into little eggs so they could sell them during Easter time.

It wasn’t until the 1930’s that the jelly bean took off as a popular Easter candy. Have you ever noticed the all-too-familiar shape of the famous jelly bean? It does look remarkably similar to an egg, after all. And so the Easter jelly bean craze began.

But what about those all enticing Peeps? In 1954 a Pennsylvania based company called the Rhoda Candy Company began mass-producing Peeps.

They decided to start selling them in the shape of chicks and marketing them towards Easter festivities. The idea took off.

Currently, Peeps have become the most popular non-chocolate candy of the Easter season.

Those might be the statistics, but we’d like to go off popular vote – what’s your favorite Easter candy?

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