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About Us


Who We Are.

Funsational, Inc is a fantastically fun company that designs, creates, and produces party games and brings your party products for nearly every occasion and event imaginable.

We dream, we design, we create, we illustrate…but we do more than build the world’s best party games, we deliver personalized fun to our customers, employees and vendors. We’re busy recapturing the essence of fun and laughter as we develop the highest quality personalized printable and shippable games the world has ever seen.

Starting with one game, Funsational has grown to over 950 games; over 500,000 party hostesses; and over 10 million games sold in over 110 countries. Now we've added party products, too.

All of our stylish and trendy game ideas have been parlayed into – where  you can personalize & print your own games – and The Funsational Shoppe – expertly designed,  top-quality, personalizeable games that can be purchased online and shipped directly to your door.


What We Do.

Our mission is to create new stylish & fun party games for everyone from the first-time hostess to the seasoned Party Pro, by giving you fast, easy and super-cute games you can print, or shipped games that have every element of style and sophistication delivered to your door.


Why We Do It.

Because a passion for parties starts with a passion for fun. How better to get everyone laughing together and enjoying the party than a few good party games? Having them look out-of-control-cute is just the icing on the party cake!


Company Quotes [Funsational is] a great website that is helping so many people who need help planning a bridal shower, baby shower or other fun party. I discovered it when I went to a baby shower and the hostess had everything planned so beautifully. I asked her where she got all of her games and she gave me the Funsational website address. On behalf of all hostesses everywhere who need help planning and organizing happy occasions, thank you!”,”  Linda N.



What's So Special About Funsational?


  • We custom illustrate each game - artwork is created by our Funsational, Inc artists
  • We spend time inventing brand new games that haven't been made before. Imagine that!
  • We strive for the absolute best product; just because it's online and not in a store doesn't mean you have to settle for less.
  • We spend immense amounts of time improving your shopping and printing experience to be easy-to-understand even for a novice.
  • We value honesty, integrity, and caring - and you will see that in our extreme customer support and satisfaction guarantee.



Why Are Prices Higher Than in the Stores?

1. Personalized & made to order.

Why is that more expensive? Because we don't print the games until you order them. We don't produce mass quantity (which costs less) because gluing a personalized sticker over the top of the game is definitely not the same as a game that was made to order with your personalized phrase, then printed.


2. Made in the USA with quality paper.

Most store-bought games are cheap paper with low cost printing that shows up in not-very-vivid color...and to top it off, they're produced in another country. We are proudly Made in the USA, with high quality materials.

If you choose to buy games in the store, make sure you can see the actual games, and flip through the games first to make sure the quality of paper and the colors are really what you want. Beware of packages that are wrapped up tight and don't let you see the actual game.


Our History

The Original Creators of Printable Party Games.

Printable games have been around for years, 12 to be exact! Funsational, Inc started in 2001 with founders Heather & Rick Pieczonka, with Heather leading the design and creation of baby shower games.  And they weren’t always printable…that’s something Heather dreamed and Rick built…

How It All Started.

Funsational, Inc started as a tiny company with 0 employees and a husband-wife duo working in their home office…writing an e-book about one of Heather’s favorite subjects – baby showers – to put online amidst the 2001 dot-com crash.

You might think this was just another mom-and-pop online website doomed to run it’s 2 year course and disappear. But then, you would have underestimated this duo.

Rick graduated from Arizona State University (ASU) and worked as a web-developer and software programmer for several small companies, one of which he was still working at during the day. Heather also graduated from ASU (yes, that’s where they met) and worked as a software programmer and database administrator for a large company, of which she was also still working during the day. And everyone they knew thought they were insane when they started spending every waking moment – and most evenings until midnight – on their computer at home. As if they didn’t see enough computers at their day job.

But the dedication to building a business was apparent. And not just any business, one that would someday be more than the two of them working another job in the evening. One that would employ 25 people, one that would reach 2.5 million customers, one that would live longer than they would.

The vision had been created, the business plans written, the marketing objectives set. Just one small detail remained…

“Hey Rick,” Heather said while typing and writing her ‘101 And Then Some! Baby Shower Games ebook’, “why can’t someone just print the questions and answers, instead of reading a whole ebook, and cutting and pasting into their own game?”

“They can,” Rick responded.

Printable Baby Shower Games. Printable Bridal Shower Games. A side-track to software driven Instant Wedding Toasts. Printable Christmas Games. Printable Halloween Games. Printable Valentines, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter & Spring games. Printable Birthday Games.

Now you know why they needed a team, a whole group of employees, each working their expertise into making games, each contributing talents to take Funsational, Inc to a new level.

And every day, the phone rings – and the Funsational, Inc office is full of boisterous energy waiting to be bottled into the next illustration, game, website, or new techno, web-friendly tool.


My cousin’s bridal shower turned out wonderful!! The game I got was Finish The Bride’s Phrase and it went very well, it was easy to buy and print out. It made my job as maid of honor so much easier! I love your website and I will definitely be using it again in the future.” Jacqueline P.




Funsational, Inc started as a tiny company with an e-book and 4 printable baby shower games...and a mission to make many more. 

"Give Heather a chance and a party will form around her. Her energy is infectious and she has a natural knack for party games—it’s one of her unique gifts."

The vision had been created, the business plans written, the marketing objectives set. This was about to go...

And go it did. Printable Baby Shower Games. Printable Bridal Shower Games. Printable Christmas Games. Printable Halloween Games. Printable Valentines, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter & Spring games. Printable Birthday Games. Whew!

With Funsational Inc., founder and owner Heather Pieczonka has married her gift with her business - and the result is sensational.